Namibia gets US$3m for climate change

11 Dec 2009


COPENHAGEN – The Namibian government has received US 3 million dollars to partly fund its adaption programme on climate change, a senior official said in an interview in Copenhagen this week.

 Teofilus Nghitila, the director in the environmental affairs directorate said his government was about to disburse the money in extreme weather prone zones of the country.

 He said while a final strategy had not been developed the Namibian government was deciding on setting up insurance schemes where people affected by extreme weather could be assisted after loosing property and other belongings.

 ‘There will be some mechanism that would be put in place to address the issues of extreme weather patterns,’ he said adding it was premature to reveal all the details.

 He added that his country which had been hit by floods and droughts consecutively for the past two year was seeking financial to be able to put in place a comprehensive Adaptation programmes.

 ‘We are in a process of estimating what we will need for the adaption programmes in the areas of agriculture, energy, water and health,’ he said.

 Nghitila is in Copenhagen attending the Climate Change summit which is seeking to come up with a deal to address reduction in carbon emissions among others. He added that Prime Minister, Nahas Angula, will lead a high level delegation to Copenhagen next week to participate at  the summit.