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Wonders never cease in Big Brother

Windhoek - The fourth week of Big Brother Stargame, the show was marked by high drama among housemates in both Upville and Downsville.

The drama started in Downville when - for the second time - Angolan housemate Esperanca asked for voluntary exit from the reality show.

The request followed an irreparable breakdown in the relationship between her and her partner Seydou, as they spent the better part of the week avoiding each other.

The Angolan pair has finally left the StarGame for good after weeks of Seydou persuading and begging partner Esperanca to stay in the game. Obviously, Seydou was not keen on leaving but Esperanca remained adamant that she wanted to leave as soon as possible. Mildred and boyfriend Keitta added fuel to the already burning fire when they encouraged Esperanca to leave if she wanted to and not let Seydou force her to stay.

In accordance with the game rules governing the Downville house, where contestants play as partners, Seydou had to leave too.

All of a sudden Esperanca’s health became the issue centering her wish to exit the house voluntarily and not issues surrounding her son and husband as she initially claimed. “I feel sorry for my partner and I wish things would be different. I’m stressed out, depressed and I am not going to put my health in danger,” Esperanca explained.

An evidently furious Seydou expressed how unfair Esperanca was and threatened that “it will be chaos out there”, as he walked out of the diary room.

His recently acquired love interest, Talia was inconsolable as Seydou said his goodbyes. She too could not stop cursing at Esperanca as she sobbed. When the pair finally left Talia was on funeral-mode cry and was accompanied to her bed by her sister and the Namibian girls who tried further to console her.

Meanwhile, the intimate relationship that started in the first week of the show between Prezzo and Goldie in Upville seems to have cooled.

Goldie appears relieved that it is over, as she has been seen flirting with the guys and chatting up a storm with the girls.

Arguments and confrontations over petty issues have become the daily grind in Big Brother.

Lady May was over the moon after surviving last week’s eviction together with Zimbabwe’s Maneta, while Zambia’s Mampi became the first celebrity to be evicted from Upville.

The Namibian contestant, “Crazy May” as some of the fans call her, got into a heated but short-lived confrontation with Goldie.

The clash was over a suggestion by Goldie that Upville donate tuna fish (Lady May’s favourite dish) to the Downville housemates.

The tiff escalated when the two started snapping at each other at the drop of a hat.

At one point, an emotional Goldie stormed off and it seemed as if she might burst into tears.

Later – probably considering that celebrities ought to be role models – the two ladies decided to let bygones be bygones and move on to more important things.

This week it is a Southern and West African affair with Botswana sister’s Eve and Edith and the couple from Ghana, Mildred and Keitta up for possible eviction.

Only one pair will survive and earn elevation to celebrity status in Upville.

Last Sunday, Botswana and Ghana became the fifth and sixth countries to be nominated using the Random Nomination Mechanism during the Live Eviction Show.

Viewers can vote in three different ways to keep their favourite housemate in the game: via web, SMS or WAP. To vote via web or WAP, go to <> , log in, click ‘Vote’ and then click the appropriate button for the housemate you’d like to keep in the house.